Fix a 0x80070057 Error

0x80070057 error is a common error that occurs when an installation of new hardware or software has screwed up your previous system settings. Another culprit of this error is an external faulty device such as a printer. The addition of this new hardware could easily produce an 0x80070057 error. The message that you may have seen is the parameter is incorrect 0x80070057

Step 1: Remove all External Hardware.

When you add new external devices, Windows adds a link between the hardware and your system configuration. This is called a driver. When this driver is installed, it alters system configuration. Sometimes, this process can screw up your configuration. The best thing to do is unplug all the external devices and reboot your system. Then add the devices one by one to see which is causing the problem.

Step 2: Perform a System File Check

Windows has great tools to eliminate errors. You can perform a system file check using SFC Scannow command. Here is how:

  • Click Start
  • Choose All Programs, Click Accesories
  • Right Click the Command Prompt, Select Run as Administrator.
  • Type: sfc/scannow
  • Click Enter

Delete Computer History
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Step 3:Edit the Registry.

You may need to edit your registry. The registry holds all the information that Regedit allows you to go into your system files and modify or eliminate errors in it. To run Regedit, follow the instructions below:

  • Click Start
  • Choose the RUN command
  • Type Regedit
  • Navigate the registry to find:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Micfosoft\System
  • Click Edit
  • Select New/DWORD Value
  • Type: CopyFileBufferedSynchronouslo
  • Press Enter
  • Right DWORD, Modify the value by by right clicking it
  • Type 1 into the value box.

Delete Computer History
If you have this error in Outlook Express, Check out the Microsoft 0x80070057 Outlook Fix

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