How to Clear Chrome Cookies

You can easily delete Chrome cookies with just a few steps. Chrome hold its cookies in the browser. Chrome gives you the ability to manage or delete cookies with ease. Before you delete your cookie history. Realize that these are not necessarily bad files.

Cookies are stored in order to track your browsing history or to remember where you’ve been on the net. Cookies could be simply remembering your preferences for to be easily loaded into when you revisit the website.

Other cookies maybe used to track you browsing habits in order to target advertisement. Yes, some hackers, spammers and spyware also use cookies. So, it may be safer to just simply delete your cookies.

To delete your cookies you will have to go into your Chrome history set up. To do this you can follow the instructions below.

  • Click the “Stacks” Icon.
  • Choose Settings
  • Go down to the Advanced Settings option at the bottom.
  • Click Content Settings, located under the Privacy heading.
  • Under the Content heading, choose all Cookies and Site Data
  • At this point you can easily delete all the cookies that have been installed in the browser.

Delete Computer History

The Content Settings will hold all the cookie from the websites that visited. You can delete all of them or select the one’s that you want erase. Remember erasing some cookies may.

Delete Computer History

You may also chose to make exception for certain websites. This will allow you to log-in easier and the system will remember who you are. People you play games in the browser or use an application that requires previous data should be careful. Clear Chrome cookies only if you want all the data flushed. To manage your cookie exceptions. Simply go back to the Content settings and Choose Manage Exceptions. At this point you will be able to make exceptions based on a particular website. After you clear Chrome cookies, you may want delete other internet history. Click here to learn more.