How to Clean Registry Clutter

How to clean registry clutter can be a simple task. However, it can also be an extremely dangerous act if you don’t know what you’re doing.

To understand the precarious act of cleaning the registry, you first must get an idea of what the registry is. The registry provides vital information to your operating system from task as simple as remembering your passwords to how Windows itself will load.

With that said, if you make a mistake when you clean the registry, you can disable your operating system from loading. So you must be extremely careful and have a specific idea for what registry keys you would like to clean

Cleaning the registry refers to eliminating registry keys that have be left when you change your computer configuration or uninstalled some software. Follow the steps below to learning to clean registry clutter and problems.

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First the thing you need to know about how to clean registry clutter is that you will be removing registry keys that have caused your errors or slowdown in your PC. Here is a a look at a registry key.

Delete Computer History

Here is a a look at a registry key.

  • Click Start
  • Click Run
  • Type regedit
  • Find this registry key:

Delete Computer History

Once the registry editor is open you can expand the contents of each registry folder by clicking it. It will make a tree of information. In the left hand side of the registry editor, you can delete individual registry keys that have been causing you difficulty.

If you have a trojan, virus or some unwanted application loading when your computer is running, you would choose the folder that governs running program registry keys. One trick on how to clean registry clutter is knowing what to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Policies>Explorer>RUN

Look for the keys that you wish to eliminate and simply delete them. For example locate an “exe” files such as nvctrl.exe. Which is linked to a trojan known as zlob to help to permanently disable it.

You can do a search for all the registry keys associated with the program you would like eliminate. But the Best thing to do to remove clutter is to just find programs you have deleted and remove their registry Keys For More Information on Removing Registry Errors, Click Here!


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