Top Causes of a Slow Computer

Although your computer slowness can be attributed to many factors, Check out the top causes of a slow computer:

1. Low on disk capacity

This can be nightmare for your computer. Your computer needs ample amounts of free space to function. Everything from your RAM to your CPU thrives of free space. Here are some effective ways to free up disk space.

Use a registry cleaner
Clean Windows Cache and Internet History

2. Viruses

Virus are one of the common reasons for a slow computer. They can replicate a computer process or program thus killing your computer’s speed and resources. You can use many good free programs like Grisoft’s AVG antivirus

3. Spyware

This can be one of the biggest causes of a slow computer. Spyware mimics programs and processes on your PC, often silently. Spyware can also be used to steal data and personal information. Check out Spyware Removoal

4. Low Memory

Your computer’s RAM and how you use it very important. However, buying more RAM is not always the best answer. If you are using your PC for surfing the web, downloading videos and such, you may be able to use your current RAM more efficiently by increasing your Virtual Memory

However, if your are new applications such as high end games or graphical software, you may need to add more RAM. You can scan your computer RAM performance at

5. A Slow Hard Drive

Your hard drive is a major resource in your PC. If your hard drive has errors or its filing system is fragmented. You are going to have a very slow PC. Luckily, Windows has quite a few tune-up utilities to keep your hard drive running beautifully.