Computer Virus Help

Everyone needs computer virus help. The internet poses a serious threat. Viruses, spyware, and keyloggers are all forms of malware. This is another way to say malicious software. This web page hopes to help you remove all malware from your computer. Lets take a look at all the different kinds of malware on your computer.

Trojan Horse Virus

A trojan horse virus is a type of spyware that mask itself as real program such as an anti-virus program or a media player. These programs to actually duplicate like most viruses. It just wants you to mistakenly install it. Check this helpful tutorial for Step by Step: TROJAN HORSE REMOVAL


Spyware in a nutshell is a malicious program that is designed to overwhelm you with advertisement. This is the Adware side of Spyware. Spyware can also be program design to steal your personal data. Check out this page for effective and Good Anti-Spyware Programs

Website Scams

A common way to get virus, trojans and spyware is by visiting unsafe websites. You don’t actually need to download a file to actually get infected. Click a link on a website can place dangerous code in to your browser. Check out list of scam sites or report a scam site Check out User Reviews of DANGEROUS WEBSITES

Pop Up Downloads

Pop up windows can be a real nuisance. A pop up is a small window that appears to inform you about some product. Spammers use pop ups to get you to click a link that will tell you to remove it. This link often installs a virus or malware to your computer.

Check out this list of best sofware for computer virus help