Is this website safe?

TROJANS, VIRUSES, POPUPS, SCAMS–The internet is a dangerous place. More and more scam sites are popping. Most users want to know if this site is safe or will get ripoff by an online scam. Our users always tell us stories about sites that have tricked them or infected their computers with spyware.

The best defense is common sense and some tools to protect yourself online.

Here are some that we recommend:

And for Mac users:

Scam websites are reported to be 1 out of every ten websites on the internet. So, its difficult to follow the old tips. Popular websites that have free streaming video, fake anti-virus sites, and social networks have all become new areas target by spammers and identity thieves. Lets face it dangerous sites are everywhere. Be sure to check our site often. We try to give you the latest tips and tricks to be Speed up your PC, make your hard drive more efficient, stay safe, and much more!