Want to Become Invisible Online? Setup an Anonymous Proxy with just a few clicks.

An anonymous proxy offers you the opportunity to surf the net without providing destination pages, website, or other users with your IP address. This method is also ideal if you are trying to hide your identity, your internet service provider, and your location. Using a proxy is the first step toward complete internet privacy. Special Note: You can use a web proxy to hide and surf the internet 

What to consider when choosing a proxy?

1. Proxy service will offer you true anonymity online.
2. The proxy network encrypts your traffic
3. The servers and proxy list are updated regularly
4. Allow you side step network or firewall restrictions.

Ways to surf the net using an anonymous proxy:

  • Web Proxy
  • Proxy Network
  • Direct Proxy

Depending on your needs each choice has its benefits and disadvantages. However, with each method you are able to surf anonymously, side step firewalls and speed up your internet connection. But be careful not choose a service without user support and a decent reputation. If the proxy site has contact information or user forums, its a good indication that the service maybe worth more exploration. Still Confused, Click here to learn the ABCs of setting up a proxy
An a anonymous proxy can be 100% online

Web based Proxies

They are simple and easy to use and require no background knowledge. Just load up the website and surf the net completely through the website URL. No software needed.

Simply visit the proxy website and type in where you want to go. The Url you entered often is locked behind a industrial strength server with 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

SSL is the same technology used when you shop online. The server automatically encrypts your connection when accessing an SSL website. There is no registration required. No software downloads or installations required. No limit to the number of websites you can access. The negative things about web proxies that they can often get named to network firewall restricted site list.  For a list of web proxies Click this link.


Software based proxies tend to be more robust and faster than web based proxies. Software based proxies tie your PC directly to an anonymous server bypassing the need to translate, or re-write, web pages. This results in a very fast surfing experience that is anonymous, safe and secure.

The downside to software based proxies is twofold. First, you have to install software on any PC that you want to use the proxy from and second, they tend to be slightly more complicated to set up. If you don’t want to install software try an anonymous web proxy

Anonymous Proxy Networks

TOR: Anonymity Online- These are the big boys on the block. A group of excellent developers banned together to give you journalists, spies, governmental officials and anyone who ever really wanted to keep something digital confidential uses this service. It’s well known that a secret branch of U.S. Navy uses TOR. Click Here to learn more about Tor 

Direct Proxy

You can also setup a direct proxy by simply instructing your computer to surf the net through a proxy server of your choice. You will have to choose an anonymous proxy from a list and enter it into your web browser. Click this link to get more information about proxy websites.

Virtual Proxy Network

This service offers you a network of proxies for you to use at any time. VPN is a becoming an increasingly popular service for its ease in providing reliable safe proxies at the click of the button.