Be careful when choosing a web base proxy sites. You could be getting scammed!

Recently a lot of free web base proxy sites have been thrown up by spammers and bandwidth thieves. So, you should take precautions when choosing from a web based proxy list.

When choosing to use one of these free services use this check list to make sure they are legitimate.

  • Provides the user with a contact form, number, or email.
  • A detailed FAQ page which details protocol and security
  • Recommended by other net users
  • Give the user control over scripts, ads, pop-ups
  • Never ask for user id or email for free service!

The reliability of a web proxy is also important. The web base proxy should at least have a 80% functionality attempting to establish contact with the proxy. There are many reason why a web base proxy is not functional. But this should not be the norm when using the web base proxy service.

Below are a listed of trusted web base proxy sites that have our seal of approval.– It offers a full range of control for ads, scripts. Very high reliability and security.
Rating: 10

Proxy4free – This is a quick fix. It will give you a list of new and good web proxies
Rating: 10– This is one of the best free web based proxy sites. That offer a lot of control of ads, scripts, etc.
Rating: 8– Allows you to surf anonymous and has advanced options for user to tweak thier anonymous surfing experience.
Rating: 9

If you want to bypass firewalls with web base proxy sites. Click here to learn more