A Firewall Breaker will help you get around the firewall at work or school.

Why you may need a firewall breaker?

If you can’t access Myspace or your favorite website from work or school, chances are you a locked behind a firewall. You can easily get around a firewall by using some simple techniques.

One the easiest solutions is to use a web based proxy site. This will allow you to surf anonymously through the proxy website. However, if the proxy website site has been added to the restricted list, just simply choose another firewall breaker website.

Hidemyass.com has been affective in most cases of getting around a firewall. However, it is becoming well known. So, there is a possibility it may have been added to your the list of restricted sites in the firewall you are trying to get around. A very powerful tool.
Click this link to see a list of web based proxy sites

Bypass firewall tools and websites

Recently, there have been some websites popping up on the net that serve as great firewall breakers and firewall bypass techniques. Some use the same web proxy techniques and some use a technique called IP tunneling or encrypting your URl entires.

Off Surf— This website seems to works particularly well at bypassing firewalls by obscuring and encrypting the URl you use to type into your web browser. This is a very effective technique to get around a firewall at work and school. However, more sophisticated firewalls can prevent it by DNS blocking technology. Off Surf also offers a browser and toolbar add-on.

Fire Hole–This is a software firewall breaker tool developed by Robin Keir that allows you to bypass firewall outbound connection restrictions. This small 13K download uses programming that allows your web browser to create a channel outside the firewall for communication, web surfing and outgoing traffic.

Why these techniques may not work?

Although, I doubt you will have any trouble getting around the firewall at work or school using these techniques. There are some cases were a paranoid person has installed a “double firewall” or a system that detects your DNS entries on top of URL entries. There are ways around this also. However it’s unlikely you will run into this problem unless you are trying to use a computer that has super sensitive data on it.

For more web proxy sites you can use as a firewall breaker. Click here!

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