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How to Disable Aero

You can significantly speed up your Windows 7 operating system by removing Aero options from your system settings. Aero is a beautiful interface that adds glass effects and transparencies. However it’s resource

Improve Frame Rate in Games

You can improve your FPS with these steps. Your graphics card can be tweak for performance with just a few steps.Everyone hates when their favorite video game lags. One of the components that produces lag is your graphics cards inability to process frame rates. Boost frames with this video.

Boost your Wireless Connection

Follow these easy video to see how to change your router channel. This is one of the easiest ways to boost signal strength

Enable Write Caching to Improve Performance

This Windows 7 feature will give you a significant boost by freeing up your hard drive and increase CPU performance.

Blocking Websites

Learn how to restrict a website in all browsers with this video

Stop 100% CPU Usage

Learn how to limit your CPU usage and cut down on programs eating your CPU resources.
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