How to Restrict Websites

Wonder how to restrict websites or web content? Restricting any particular website can be done in multiple ways. You may want to restrict a website for adult substance or other content that may have potential danger to harm you computer. Whatever may be the reason, you can easily restrict a website by following simple procedures. Following are the easy methods by which you can block a website permanently.

Through the Host File

One of the safest ways to restrict websites is through your host file. This is an easy process that will block access to URL on all your browsers and restrict access using your computer.

Watch the Video to Restrict Host File

Through Online Browsers

Your internet browsers too have a security feature that can be enabled to restrict a website. No matter which online browser you have, it would have an essential feature to block unwanted site display. You simply need to input the name of the website you want to block. To restrict a website through internet browser, follow the below procedure according to the browser you have:

For Visual Instruction to Restrict Websites, Click Here.

For Internet Explorer: Select the “Tools” tab and go to the “Internet Options”. Select the “Security” tab and click on the “Restricted Sites” button; now either select the sites already displayed or “Add” in the new sites you want to block or restrict. Click “Ok” and it’s done!

For Firefox: Go to “Tools” to select “Options” and in it, select “Privacy” and then “Exception”. Here you can feed in the sites to be blocked, click on the “Block” button and it’s done!

For Opera: Select “Tools” and from the options displayed, select “Advanced” and then select “Blocked Content”. Type in the site names and it’s done!

Through Link Scanners

Apart from all the above methods, you can also consider adding a link scanner.These are also known as web reputation sites that restrict websites. The websites usually provide a unique add on packages to allow you safe internet browsing. They scan a website and notify you about the threat. Some of the link scanners check for the malicious links while some other types of scanners may also check the site’s ratings or credibility and potential danger of spyware or online scam. This is an effective measure to protect children from being exposed to adult or malicious websites. Be careful, some of these sites are just scams.

Through Security Software

This is the easiest way to protect your computer from any spyware or malware. It is not necessary that every computer user is technically trained to manage complex computer settings. In such a case, the internet security software can efficiently restrict a website even if the settings of your computer are not properly attuned. You may find some of this software as freeware. For example Microsoft Security Essentials and AVG are good free options

Through Anti Virus

Installing quality antivirus system can also be very helpful to restrict any website with harmful contents. If your system is already affected with some kind of a Trojan or computer virus, some of the unwanted websites gets unrestricted access to your computer automatically. Antivirus software is recommended for secure browsing and downloading. Though plenty of antivirus software is readily available as free to be downloaded but they are not too sensitive to detect and block really dangerous sites. Norton has the ability.