How to Disable Aero in Windows

Disable Aero in Windows if you having sluggish performance. Aero is a great addition to Windows. It adds a host of graphical flares. One on the major graphical options is translucency. This allows you to see through different windows. This is known as Windows Glass effect.

Another great option that Windows Aero has is the the ability to cycle through Windows. This is an awesome display that allow you to cycle through different programs in a 3D space on your desktop as if they were files it looks great. However, it definitely takes tons of resources.

If you disable Aero, you will also lose the option to use taskbar previews. This option allows you to scroll across items in your taskbar to reveal more information. Once you point the mouse over this information, it will be represented as a Window tile.

It’s recommended that you remove Aero to get a boost in the RAM, department. However, if your focus is on beauty and appearance, you should just simply keep it and try to remove other options one by one until you are satisfied with your customization.

Here is how to disable Windows 7 Aero Theme.

  • Click Start
  • Chose Control Panel
  • Choose Apperance and Personalization
  • Chose the Personalization option.
  • Scroll down to High Contrast and Basic Themes and Select a theme.

Once you done this you will have disabled Windows Aero Theme. Window will take a few seconds to reformat itself and you will have your new high contrast theme.

There are certainly other ways to customize Windows graphics. You can use the personalization options to make Windows 7 focus on performance rather than appearance. There is also an option that allow you to customize your Windows graphical appearance by picking and choosing the graphics options you prefer. To read more about adjusting Windows graphical options, click here.