General PC Performance Tips

Windows’s general PC performance tips can free up your computer’s resources which will inherently make your PC a faster and smoother running machine. To identify more errors that you made need to extra tweaks or to use software to optimize you PC, you may want to try using a Registry Cleaners, Click Here!.

Adjust Visual Effect

By simply adjusting your visual effects your computer will perform better and allow faster desktop speed. Its one of the simplest and best general PC performance tips. Click here for step by step instructions

Better Performance Effect: Excellent

Remove Old Restore Points

If you are using the system restore function you will have a backup of various restore points. Clear the old ones to free up disks pace.

How to:

  • Start
  • Programs
  • Accessories
  • System Tools
  • Disk Cleanup
  • select the drive XP is installed
  • Click the More Options tab
  • Under the System Restore section, click the Clean Up

Better Performance Effect: Mild

Turn Off Remote Assistance

Windows XP/Vista/Win7 lets you share control of your computer with someone else over a network or the Internet. This feature eats up your free space and resources turn it off for better performance. Check out Manage your Startup to turn this feature off.

Better Performance Effect: Good

Turn off Windows Indexing

The Indexing service uses the Cidaemon.exe process to index files this can eat up tons of CPU resources and free space.

How to:

  • Double-click My Computer, point to Explorer Bar on the View menu, and then click Search.
  • Click Change preferences, and then click Without Indexing Service.
  • Click No, do not enable Indexing Service, and then click OK.

Better Performance Effect: Excellent

Increase Virtual Memory

By increase your virtual memory you can use more resource for your RAM to work more efficiently. Click here to learn how increase Virtual Memory

Turn Off wall paper

This will make your desktop look bland but it will free up vital resources and speed up your desktop

How to:

  • Right-click on the desktop
  • Choose Properties
  • Click on the Desktop tab
  • Under “Background” choose “None”

Better Performance Effect: Good
Click here for best general pc performance tips for computer speed


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