“Avoid using your hard earned money for a new computer.”

Learn how to increase PC speed with a few steps and save yourself thousands!

Do you like to save money? If yes, read on. Learn how to increase PC speed with zero money down. We must live in a very rich world. People buy new PC’s ever 3 years. Is there really a reason to buy a new PC every 3 years. Lets take a look at the number.

Why is Your PC Slow?

According to industry standards about 92.1% of all consumer software is developed to run smoothly on Windows XP operating system with a Pentium 2 processor. The last 8% or so are designed to run on high-end machines. Most of this software is for high production value such as animation and gaming. However, not even your son’s best PC takes full advantage of the technology in current PCs. So, if your PC is slow its your fault! Click the image below to learn how to increase pc speed.
Delete Computer History

Why you shouldn’t buy a faster PC?

Of course, people want more power and faster machine. The question is was your current PC once powerful and full of speed. Well, guess what it still is. If you take the time to learn how to increase your PC speed you will gain at least 35-50% of the original speed that your PC once had. I am currently writing this article of a five year old P3 running XP. Its runs smoothly without even showing its age. With a few clicks you will be surprised by the boost in PC speed you will rewarded. By “organically” not “financially” taking steps to learn how to increase your PC speed. If you not the type to spend time on PC maintenance. Check out a Windows Cleaner. Its is a great piece of software that will perform a defrag regularly and optimize your PC for performance and speed. Click here for a free scan.

Why did your computer loose it’s original speed?

The main reason is fragmented data. This data remains in your Window registry and on your hard drive. Chances are you have not taken the proper steps to delete your un-used applications and software. The vast majority of it still remains. All this garbage data is still recognized by your CPU as information that requires your computer resources. So instead of having free resources to run the software you desire. It’s has to be split between un-used application and in-use application.

One step in how to increase PC speed in clean and organize your data. Your Window’s registry is the main place where old un-used application exist. You can clean your registry by following the tips in Windows Registry section. If you are in a hurry you can visit PC Health Advisor This was one of 2011’s Top Windows Cleaner. This is a very cheap investment you should make before paying for a new PC

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Increasing PC speed on the net and more!

There are two ways to increase your PC internet speed. One of the biggest culprits of degraded PC speed is index.dat files. These files can eat up 100 megabytes or more of internet speed. To learn how to increase these buggers These files also are a gross invasion of privacy. Click this link below

The second method involves erasing your Windows’Cache files. Erasing these files also helps to maintain your PC speed and protect your privacy. With a few clicks the software cleans your PC fragmented data, boost PC speed, and erase all PC history. Plus this software provides a high level of security by erasing harmful spyware signatures. To learn more tips and tweaks on how to increase PC speed, check out TOP 4 WAYS TO BOOST PC SPEED! CLICK HERE