Record All Online Activity with A Internet History Keylogger

A internet history keylogger or keylogger records keystrokes made on a computer. It captures every key pressed on the keyboard and stores in a file, memory bank, or external device that can be viewed by the person performing the monitoring in real-time.There are many reason why you may need an internet history keylogger. The obvious reason is to investigate someone online activity and discover what ever information you may find valuable.

Although these products were once known as hacker tool, they are now used commonly on home and office computers. Companies use this software to monitor there employees activity to ensure company rules are followed and secrets are not being shared.

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Why you may need a keylogger?

Family members often use an internet history keylogger to monitor the children’s internet surfing habits. Other people install them on their home PC to find out if there spouse in behaving inappropriately online. Whatever the reason is an internet history keylogger can be a great software tool for discovering someone online activity and information quickly and easily.

However before you choose one these products here are the criteria you should use when selecting your PC spy.

Features you should look for:

  • Log all keystrokes such as username/password of various programs and websites, composed emails/documents, and online chat conversations.
  • Capture entire screen snapshots automatically in the background just like a secret camera.
  • Record all programs executed on the computer, including the user name, program title and time of use.
  • Save Websites people visited recently, including URL, site name, page title and time.
  • Easy to use, No PC slow down, and Invisible to other users!!

Whats the best keylogger?

There are tons of these products online. However, there are very few that are undetectable by other users. Usually these products are discovered by other users because of software conflicts or the software can be viewed in the startup programs.

The best keyloggers are completely invisible and don’t slow down your PC. Some of the best products on the market is are on free. Visit Cnet to Get a look at leading Internet History Keyloggers It is easy to use and offers a load of features that make it stand out from the pack. It configures seamlessly into your system and runs silently in the back ground. There is a lot of user support being this product which is always a good sign.