Causes of Physical Hard Drive Failure and Solutions

Physical hard drive failure can take place at any time. It may be caused by a physical defect, virus intervention, block damage, sector damage and even bad power supply. Typically, none of us really backup data like we should. So, companies have started making recovery drives standard in computers. So, it’s possible to can recover factory settings at any time even when the drive has been critically corruption phase. The following will detail the reasons for hard disk break down and solutions, which will help you to recover information without causing any adverse affects to data.

Check the Hard Drive’s LED Lights

Sometimes hard disk drive when installed cannot be recognized by the computer. To get rid of this problem following steps has to be carried out. Analyze the hard drive LED condition. If that LED glows yellowish, then it signifies drive failure. So, you have to remove the hard drive and wait for 45 seconds and then reconnect it by placing data cable correctly on the backplane of hard disk drive. Now inspect Hard disk drive LED and condition LED:

  • If the hard disk LED glows and status LED does not instantly glow, it means the hard disk is detected and it is working properly.
  • If hard disk LED glows and status LED blinks means hard disk is detected and it is refreshing.
  • If both the LED do not flash then we have to check the backplane of hard disk drive.

If the failure persist even though hard disk cable is correctly seated on the back plane, then you have to check the cable or and the condition on the socket to see if it’s the cause of physical hard drive failure.

Poor Ventilation

A typical reason for physical hard drive failure is poor ventilation. Dust and blockages causes awkward ventilation to the system parts which heat up and cause harm to the hardware .It can be rectified by frequently watching the CPU fans operation and providing necessary cooling to the microprocessors and other external devices. Using a can of compressed air will do wonders. You can download software that which will alarm the user about the environment changes in temp or potential failures

Power surges:

After power goes out Windows restarts and you my see a physical hard drive failure message during the boot process. When there is power surge, system cannot identify the hard drive and it is unable to recognize it due to improper functioning of UPS, un-nterruptable power system, (as it is the name implies it has a backup power supply.). It can be rectified by using branded UPS which troubleshoot this problem effectively.

Corrupt Files

When we turn off the system in an unusual way or mistakenly shut down the program which is running at that time can cause file corruption. This will eventually stops the performance of hard disk by making it unstable them unstable. It can be solved using a proper way to turn off the system and installing the freeware software which keeps hardware in running condition for extended period of time.

Sector Errors

Some errors caused by user will cause problem to the hard disk operation. But these errors are fixed with the scan disk option which instructs your computer to disregard any damaged sectors. It works most of the time.