How to Remove Zlob Trojan

There are over thousand searches a day for how to remove zlob trojan virus. Unlike most trojans, its particularly powerful due to new technology that allows it to infiltrate your computer easily. Its more modern software architecture also makes it particularly difficult for many spyware programs to find. The steps below will help you to remove zlob trojan permanently from your PC.

What is Zlob?

Zlob is a commonly used trojan that highly used by a variety of malware programs. The trojan’s downloader was connected to a lot of video codec packs. It has also been attached to social network links. Once this link is clicked it signals a downloader transfers spyware files from remote servers.

Files used to transfer Zlob.

Most people are very careful about clicking spam links however there are other files that the zlob trojan is attached to:
Social Network LINKS
fake antispyware programs
fake media players

You can use a reputable antispyware program to check the files or links before you access them. This a a good preemptive step to avoid downloading the virus into your browser.

Steps to Remove Zlob.

STEP 1: Edit the Registry.

The best way to remove a trojan is editing your registry. Editing the registry is a delicate process. So back up the registry before attempting to remove it. There are three areas in your registry you will need to delete in order to remove zlob trojan.
Delete Computer History

Registry Edit A.

  • Click Start
  • Click Run
  • Type regedit
  • Find this registry key:


  • Locate the value: “nvctrl.exe” = “nvctrl.exe”
  • DELETE it

Registry Edit B.

  • While the registry editor is open, find:


  • Locate the key: {724510C3-F3C8-4FB7-879A-D99F29008A2F}
  • Delete it

Registry Edit C.

  • 1. In the same folder delete the registry key: {724510C3-F3C8-4FB7-879A-D99F29008A2F}

STEP 2: Stop Automatic Re-Installation

In order to not have to remove the zlob trojan again, you need to make sure it is not automatically loading up again in your startup. Check your startup configuration to ensure that the trojan exe files are not running

  • Open your Start menu.
  • Click Run
  • In the command screen type msconfig.exe
  • In the system configuration utility,click startup tab
  • Uncheck the process nvctrl.exe
  • Click OK

Delete Computer History

STEP 3: RE-RUN Anti-spyware

To completely remove the trojan files make sure that you run your anti-virus/anti-spyware programs again. This will make sure that all the files are removed. The previous step made the files more accssable. If the anti-spyware program failed to find it on the first go, it will have a better chance now. For Anti-spyware programs that have the ability to remove zlob, click here