What is SVCHOST and Why are they so many of them?

What is svchost? This is one of the most common questions regarding computer problems. No svchost is not a virus or a trojan horse trying to disable your computer. Svchost is actually a process that holds a collection of other process, services or programs. Let me be make it clearer, Microsoft bundles essentials processes into one to save on resources. Thus, the name “svchost” which equals “services host” Multiple version of the svchost process will be made. Some of these host will have a single application or device while other may more than 20.

Can you remove svchost from your computer?

The answer is no. This is not something that you can simply remove from your computer. Remember that svchost holds a collection of essential processes. Tampering with it may cause a program or application to freeze or even crash.

Can you see the processes are associated with svchost?

Yes, you will need to go into your task manager to see what services are being loading into the svchost. This can be done by following the sequence below.

  • Press CTRL + ALT+ DELETE.
  • When the task manager has loaded, click the process tab.
  • In the process section, search for a svchot.exe Right click it and choose Go to Services

How can I get rid of svchost?

You need to reduce your computer’s need for the application. The only way to do this is to reduce the need for the process on your computer. Remember that process are linked to application and programs. So, you need to eliminate some of the programs running in the background. This is not a difficult task. You can of course stop a program immediately by ending it in the task manager or you can take a preventive step and stop the program from automatically load. You can do this by going int your start up configuration. Hopefully this article help answer what is svhost and how to stop it. For step by step visual instruction on how to stop svchost.exe, Click here.