Did you pay over $50 for a registry cleaner? Sucker! What is the best?

Well… a good registry cleaner should do a number of things. So before we find out what is the best registry cleaner, lets take a moment to see what our scoring criteria is: Most importantly the software should clean and organize your Window’s registry of all unwanted registry tags and index.dat files. This allows your CPU to access freed resources that fragmented registry would use for useless processing. This program should also have the ability to perform a defrag your hard drive and eliminate spyware.

The question is why spend a hundred dollars on software that does the same thing that a $50 piece of software does? Well if you like pretty graphics and go for big name brands, you are getting what you are paying for. But if you are into getting a cheap, well designed product that allows you to clean your registry with one click read on.

So what is the best registry cleaner? A better question is what is the best registry cleaner for the best price?

Here are some registry cleaners that offer superior service that are around $40 and will get you on your way with little or no knowledge needed of the program.


regcurepro-box.jpgRegCure PRO is the The Most Popular Registry Cleaner on the market now.

The cleaner comes with a vast library of error fixers, dll files, harmful process killer and other additions. On top of being an excellent registry cleaner. RegCure PRO is an insanely popular registry cleaner with 60 Million Downloads! It allows you to defrag and permanently delete files with just a click. You are essentially getting to 4 great programs for free. Its super easy to use for newbies and sophisticated enough for veterans who want to tweak it out. The simultaneous defrag and registry cleaner will seriously save you a lot of time in maintenance. The costumer service is also very good. The install is super small and using almost no resources. Regcure Pro offers free applications to speed up your PC Visit the Website for RegCure PRO if you have dll file concerns also. You can go wrong with this best buy.

  • Performance 98.0%
  • Ease of Use 97.0%
  • Features 97%
  • Magazine Average 98.5%

Overall score ……….98%

96.33% Portion of People who Buy This Product.

8356-2666SpeedyPC PRO excelled as a quality program, Speedy PC Pro 2012 is a great product that has a host of applications that help to boost PC, debug and clean up your PC. It has an excellent registry cleaner that fixes and repairs registry errors.

It’s a excellent tool box that helps you monitor your PC status and help you avoid registry, driver and application problem. Its scans for drivers, Active X and error programs. It gives you an indication on if your PC need to be decluttered and defrag performed. It also has a malware detector that will help you keep your PC spyware. Its a great application to keep your PC running smoothly. For a list of Errors and features this products fixes, Visit the Website for SpeedyPC Pro

  • Performance 94.02%
  • Ease of Use 95.3%
  • Features 94%
  • Magazine Average 96.6%

Overall score ……….94.7%

pc_health_advisor_box_leftPC Health Advisor has been rapidly growing in popularity. It has had a checkered past. However, the company seems have succeed in producing a powerful registry cleaner that so easy to use that a child could use. It finds the most amount of registry errors than any other cleaner.

People are moving away from just registry cleaners and looking for a full service bargain software that will speed up there PC with just a click. This program comes packaged with an anti-malware application, cleanup utilities and a killer registry cleaner. So, overall this is the best bang for your buck if you looking for a full service product. Visit the Website for PC Health Advisor

It also offers a fair amount of features. This registry cleaning package allows it to take the crown.

  • Performance 94%
  • Ease of Use 93.0%
  • Features 92.7%
  • Magazine Average 93.0%

Overall score ……….93.5%

RegistryBooster_Boxshot11Registry Booster This superb registry cleaner is a magazine darling and increasingly collecting consumer awards.There are almost no negatives for this increasingly popular product. It tops our list for best registry cleaner of the year. There seems to be a consensus about the quality of this product. It has racked up Editors Choice Awards at Cnet, Zdnet and a ton of top publications. Visit the Website for Registry Booster

The interface is sleek and extremely user friendly. It is a product that allows you to visually understand how it is improving your registry and speeding up your PC. Errors, corrupted files, dlls are fixed within in seconds. There is a damage meter that provides you with an indicator on when you to tune up your PC. It removes obsolete shortcuts, duplicate files and fully deletes troublesome software. An Excellent product.

It’s the Winner of Over 100 5 star awards!

  • Performance 94.7%
  • Ease of Use 92.9%
  • Features 90%
  • Magazine Average 92.2%

Overall score ……….92.7%

Registry Mechanic 10 was on the top of many best list this year and has 13 million downloads. Why do we consider this one of the best registry cleaner? One reason is that it is a very small download that does not require resources to run it. It quietly runs in the background with the need of your PC’s much beloved speed. PC Tools, its maker has an excellent reputation and plethora of other good software.

142-boxHowever, I find the interface a bit clunky. It took me more than an hour to understand the program before I could get it up and running. However, once in motion, it will not only restore and clean up your Windows registry, but it will also fix DLL error messages and repair General Protection Fault errors.

  • Performance 89.2%
  • Ease of Use 92.13%
  • Features 94%
  • Magazine Average 86.6%

Overall score ……….90%

what is the best registry cleaner ?