An internet filter for home PC can keep your children safe online

Why you need an Internet Filter for Home PCs?

The internet is becoming more integrated into our lives and the lives of our children. It now serves as the number one research tools used by children today. There is a wealth of information that can expand the minds. However, the internet is also the home to countless pornographic and violent images.

We shouldn’t ban the internet from our children lives. However we must monitor and restrict the online active to protect them from adult content. Without an internet filter for home PCs children are at risk. 76% of online victims sexual exploitation were contacted in chat rooms and other internet social networks

How does a internet filter work?

The software works by prohibiting access to sites with adult content such as specific keywords, images, files and IP addresses. Recently features have increased give more control of there children online content. Features such as:

  • Filter objectionable web content and record all websites that each child visits
  • Manage your child’s computer and Internet time
  • Schedule and limit chat, game playing or other programs
  • Receive email reports for all monitored activities
  • Lockdown access to Windows settings
  • Automatically log your child off at bedtime
  • Compatible with Windows Vista™

What is the best internet filter for Home PCs

Internet search filters have had a rocky start and have even been controversial. However improved software development and technology has improved these products greatly. Most improvement has come from the international community.

Windows Parental Controls — This filtering software has been the leader and on top of many PC Magazines Best List.Free application offers more control and features than it’s predecessors. This is partly due their proprietary technology.

System Surveillance Pro — This internet filter that is a popular industry tool. It has a lot features that are a indication to its endurance in the market place. However, You should be able to get a trial copy and test it out if fits your requirements. Check out the link above to get more details about this product on Cnet.

These products are not perfect, you must keep them updated to get the full protection and services. Also you may have to spend a few minutes customize the product to protect your children and still give you access to the net. However, an internet filter for home is a investment in your child safety.

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