How to Increase Internet Speed

Are you wondering how to increase internet speed and performance? We all are. There are only a few ways to increase internet speed. The 3 main options for you are to improve your hardware, modify internet configuration or get a faster connection. There no other ways to increase internet speed. So there is no magic trick like wrapping a hanger with tin foil and placing it next to your wireless router. However, there are ways to increase internet speed by tweaking your options.

2 Ways to Increase Your Internet Speed

Improve your Hardware
Hardware matters but a lot less than you think. However, upgrading your hardware will provide you with better internet usage.
Tweak Your Software
There a low of ways to maximize your internet connection by simply using the right connection settings. Everyone should be doing this in order to get their money’s worth.

Checklist for How to Increase Internet Speed

16 Things you should do to increase internet speed

6 Hardware Upgrades

Improving your hardware is a simple choice but it does not always lead to increase in internet speed. Improving your router and modem are a good idea. However, most ISP provide a good standard modem and the router are pretty standard nowadays. Advances here and there will you provide you with a small increase.

  • Get Better Cables believe it or not this really make a huge difference.
  • Get a Wifi Repeater
  • Increasing RAM

Improving your configuration. There are multiple ways to do this. There are simple tweaks and advanced tweaks that will award you with a greater usage of your bandwidth. Here a a few ways you can improve your internet speed. These range from simple to difficult.

5 Browser Tweaks/Time to Complete

6 Computer Configuration Tweaks

  • Limit Background Programs
  • Free Up More RAM –
  • Port Blocking
  • Low Load Antispyware
  • QoS settings
  • Change Your Router Settings

To See Step by Step Instructions on the above Tweaks

2 Advanced Tweaks:

  • Change TCP Auto Scaling
  • Increase Max Connections with Registry Change

Watch the Video on How to Change TCP Auto-Scalling

Getting a faster connection will always give you a tremendous boost. There is really no replacement for this option. Your ISP controls how much bandwidth you are able to use. The lower the bandwidth, the slower it’s going to take your PC to download high quality images, video and other elements. To see more video on on how to increase internet speed