Why is Internet Slow Sometimes?

Why is internet slow? There are several reason why you experiencing slow connection speeds. A slow internet connection can be extremely exasperating. When most of the daily activities connected to the internet and online activities. High speed makes these task easy. There is simple culprits that cause slow internet. You may need to seek technical help to get rid of a ISP or hardware problem however that may cost you even more than you actually pay for monthly internet connection. You can try some of the simple and safe ways to determine the causes of slow internet and to fix those issues in order to speed up your online experience. The following are the steps that can help you find out why is internet slow on your computer.

Reason 1: Modem jamming:

Due to heavy and elongated usage, sometimes, the modem gets jammed and stops functioning properly. This issue can very easily be solved by simply resetting the modem. For this, terminate the internet connection, switch off the modem program and remove or unplug the modem and rest it for 10 to 15 minutes. Re-plug the modem and continue to setup the connection. It should now work at a faster speed.

Reason 2: Unnecessary Loads on the System:

During the course of time, you tend to stack up unnecessary files and cookies to slow down the overall performance of the system. Try removing the temporary file, cookies and history to enhance the internet speed. Timely cleaning of hard disk may also help.

Reason 3: Computer Settings:

Overtime, in order to set certain issues or requirement, you tend to change some computer settings to consequently cause slow internet speed. You can restore default settings by performing the procedure of system restore on your computer. Ways to Optimize Your Connection

Reason 4 : Browser Choice

Some users have experienced that changing their browser has helped them to increase internet speed. You can also try a different online browser. To learn more speed up slow browser problems, click here.

Reason 5: Peak Hours

There obviously are some hours of the day that observe huge internet traffic. To easily detect such heavy traffic that leads to slow internet to your system, try browsing at a non peak hour like late night or early morning. If in these timings, your internet speed is satisfactory, you can be sure that your system is all good to support high internet speed. You can also try some of the internet speed testing sites to make sure your upload and download speed is as per the subscribed package. If you are using youtube.com or Facebook at from 5 to 7. Peak time might be why is internet slow.

Reason 6: Virus Invasion:

A virus is the most common reason after low system/modem configuration to cause slow internet. It is always recommended to have quality antivirus software installed on your computer in order to have it perform at an optimum level. Find out why is internet slow by using a antivirus program to identify spyware.

Reason 7: Low Profile DNS

If your internet service provider company has a low profile domain name server, it can drastically affect the speed of internet. There are many alternative domain name servers that are available to have an enhanced internet speed. To see a step by step guide to changing DNS, click here

Reason 8: Slow Internet Connection:

Probably the internet connection you have is slower. You can consider investing in a faster internet service provider. You can contact your local internet service provider to suggest you faster internet connection with high data transfer rate and tier.

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