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Blocking a website is an important security measure and will keep your keeps and employees from reaching sites that you want to restrict
Slow hard drives are caused by fragmentation, errors and poor setup. Find out ways to optimize and clean up your hard drive. Remember that adequate space is important
Delete your internet history for security reason and privacy.
There are tons of ways to speed up your computer. Learn the easiest and most effective ways to speed up your computer.

How to Block Websites

Fix a Slow a Hard Drive

Delete Internet History


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Learn How to Speed Up a Slow Internet Video

Slow streaming video is a problem for a lot of people. It  can be the result of insufficient RAM and or bandwidth. You are asking your PC to simultaneously download and play a video. So, you have to optimize your settings correctly for this to work.

Streaming online video is a resource heavy process. Your PC  has to download and play a video flawlessly for your enjoyment. Slow streaming can be the result of improperly configured internet settings, hardware conflicts and lack of RAM. Learn the best tips available to eliminate slow buffering, Click Here to learn more

Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection

Speed up a slow internet connection by clearing your browser cache, changing DNS servers and cutting back on the background programs.

A slow internet connection can be cause by software or hardware. You may need to change settings on both ends to insure that you are utilizing your bandwidth properly. Learn how to speed up your internet connection and stop slow download and upload speeds. Click here to learn more

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How to Speed Up Google Chrome

People have been complaining that Google Chrome is too slow and doesn’t work well with videos or images. Here is a quick and easy Delete Computer History video tutorial that might save you time and eliminate frustrations. 

Computer Performance Tips 

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When you internet connection constantly drops out, it’s a real irritation. However, this problem can be linked to anything from power setting to interference. However, some people may just need to just refresh their modem settings. Surprisingly you might be able to do this by quickly turning off your modem and router for a few minutes. However, if you want to find out more ways to stop internet connection dropouts, click here

Make sure your power conservation options are un-checked in order to keep your computer connected.