How to Update Device Drivers

Why do you need to update device drivers? Device drivers allow your Windows Operating system to communicate with different hardware devices. Every device on your computer has a driver; cameras, printers, USB, graphic cards etc. Without drivers your system with have difficulty running efficiently and smoothly.

Sometimes your device will suddenly stop working as well as did previously. So before you assume that the hardware has stopped working. There is a possibility you can eliminate the problem by simply updating your drivers. You can manually update your drivers or use software to quickly find and replace your faulty drivers.

Update Device Drivers with just one click using Update Driver Software.

How to Manually Update Device Drivers

You can manually update your drivers by performing a few task. Most drivers can be quickly updated using your operating systems device manager. You can either troubleshoot or update the driver.Before you update your driver you might want to create a Restore Point

In Windows XP

  • Click Start
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click System
  • In the System menu, click the hardware tab
  • Click Device Manager to bring up a full list of hardware drivers.
  • Right click and choose Properties to evaluate the status and troubleshoot the hardware device.

In Vista you can reach the the device manager the following method:

  • Click Start
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click Hardware and Sound
  • Click Device Manager

Delete Computer History

In Windows 7

  • Simply type Device Manager in your Windows Search Bar.
  • Choose Device Manger.
  • Select the Device or Right click to choose Update Driver Software

Delete Computer History

Sometimes you may have to go in search of the driver or use Update Driver Software. This will require you using the driver name that it is indicated driver name section. Or you can find the driver based on the device name. You can do this by visit the manufacturer’s site or by visit a website that allows you to find drivers. Like or

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